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Quotations 2.0! November 30, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Writing.
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If you are a lover of words and quotations, then you will love this new website called QuotationsBook! Amit Kothari shares his passion and vision for a truly social network for quotations. Please keep in mind that the service just launched and very raw and basic at this point. The best things are yet to come! Pay close attention to what Amit says about what they plan to do in the near future! We will be able to not only collect all of our favorite famous quotations from literature, movies, TV and elsewhere, but also add our own quotations! Things we’ve said ourselves or heard from friends, relatives or colleagues, etc.
They already offer a cool quotation badge widget to add to your website/blog. Much more to come so stay tuned!

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2006/12/PID_001624/Podtech_amit_london_geek.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/scobleshow/technology/1275/developing-a-web-20-site-for-quotations&totalTime=899000&breadcrumb=CRparent.1196389469.11]

Best Wishlist Websites November 28, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Lists.
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There seems to be new wishlist websites every day! Here are the best that I’ve tried.

www.wishpot.com is my favorite these days. It has the most modern web 2.0 look n’ feel and social networking features like sharing lists. Another strong feature is the ability to send ideas for gifts from your cell phone right to your wishpot account!

www.wists.com is another strong newcomer. It has nice options to embed your wishlists on your blog or website.

www.boxedup.com is yet another hot new kid on the block. Their real-time listing of new items added to wishlists is unique but is it useful? Their widgits are very good. The ability to show what you already bought and own is nice for youngsters who want to show off their stuff.

www.giftboxhome.com is similar to boxed up. Easiest to use. Not as slick interface as the other newcomers.

www.MyThings.com is also new. Its unique feature is the ability to get ratings/feedback from others for any gift ideas you have.

www.MyITThings.com is not to be confused by MyThings.com. It offers some nice widgits to show off your lists.

www.wishlist.com has been around the longest and excellent when it comes to lists but it suffers from ugly outdated interface.

www.thingsIWant.com is another grand-daddy that shows its age with a hideous design. I do like their concept of being able to add any item you are viewing on any website straight to your wishlist, but the catch is to install their toolbar link.

Summation: There are still a lot of features missing from the wishlist services offered up here. Some do things nicely while others don’t. Wishpot and wists need to merge, perhaps? 🙂 Amazon invented the category with a powerful wishlist feature but it is limited to its store, of course. We need a similar service for ALL websites. Perhaps all vendors can agree on a standard wishlist option and add a single Add to Wishlist button.

Bill Gates eats his own dog food! November 26, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Microsoft.
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Here is an interesting piece on Bill Gates and what programs he uses the most on a daily basis. Bill Gates: How I Use Office. It’s good to see that he actually “eats his own dog food” as they say. How much of this is true is anyone’s guess, but I have to say that the programs he mentions are actually quite useful. I’ve installed Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and Office 2007 and love Outlook 2007 compared to Outlook 2003. SharePoint allowed us to manage all of our documents and reduced our email storage problems because everyone sends links to documents in the centralized location instead of attaching large files to emails. There’s a six month free trial if you want to play with it.

Audio + Twitter = Utterz November 26, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Blogs.
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Utterz is like an audio Twitter. You can post verbal micro-blogs from your cell phone and add video, photos and text later if you want from a computer. You can even link content via email from your cell! 

PodTech:San Jose Mercury News photojournalist uses VuVox to tell photostory November 26, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Photos, Video.
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Incredible new technology that brings still photographs to life! Could be the future of newspapers online as well. Awesome for family scrapbooks and perhaps for blogging too?

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/11/PID_013087/Podtech_VuVOX_demo.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/scobleshow/technology/1693/san-jose-mercury-news-photojournalist-uses-vuvox-to-tell-photostory&totalTime=2330000&breadcrumb=c4d0be62016d45538ea5e761dd9997fd]

Best Wedding Sites November 25, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Lists.
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A friend of mine is getting hitched so I started compiling the best wedding websites around today. There is a slew of new ones every day too!

Here are the best ones that I’ve seen thus far.

www.TheKnot.com is one of the first sites for weddings. Does most of what you need. Great free tools such as to do lists.

www.weddingwire.com is a newcomer that rivals The Knot with features.

www.nearlyweds.com is yet another new kid on the block with web 2.0 features including a blog and website.

http://ourweddingday.com offers an impressive amount of features. Includes free website.

http://weddingcontrol.com does not have a great interface. Mostly manages the guest list.

www.seeyouthen.com (coming soon) Mostly for sharing everyone’s photos from wedding and reception.

www.bestweddingsites.com lists a ton of wedding resources.

Summation: The ultimate wedding website should allow the happy couple to manage every aspect of their magical day. Not only that, it should allow them to continue running their website as a family website instead of just their wedding website. The key would be to build it upon google’s OpenSocial which would allow you to pick the web parts/services you want from other services such as photo’s from your Flickr account or music from ILike or videos from YouTube, etc. etc.

Voicethread & video doodling November 25, 2007

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Here is a new service that is interesting. VoiceThread offers video doodling which allows you to share audio and text comments as a group while viewing the same photo’s or videos. It’s all part of the trend towards more collaborative multimedia social networking services. Watch for this to become a common part of all websites and blogs.

Video Twitter? November 21, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Blogs.
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Utterz is referred to as the audio Twitter but now there is a Video Twitter launching called seesmic.
www.seesmic.com  (in private beta for now).

 hictuI just learned about Hictu which was labelled as the video twitter long before Seesmic!
Check this out, they even provide audio tweets so they’re like an audio & video twitter.
Too bad their look is so 1990’s.

Best Checklist Sites November 21, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Lists.
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Seems as if the web is a breeding ground for AR (Anal Retentive) types judging by the amount of new websites that keep popping up for tracking lists. They range from the very basic to do lists (TaDalist.com) all the way to the other extreme into full blown online organizers (Zoho Planner). There is something for everyone in between from this list of list makers.

Voo2Do Does things differently than the rest in this group. They allow you to link tasks to projects and tracks tasks by due date, priority and time estimates. It has good collaboration feature and nice interface. 

www.RememberTheMilk.com Task lists that you can email to and share with others.

www.TadaList.com Very fast AJAX to do list keeper. Simple but powerful.

www.listigator.com offers unique ability to turn lists into RSS feeds! You can share any list as well.

http://planner.zoho.com ok…zoho planner is not just a list maker but a full blown online organizer ala outlook. However, I include it here because it has a powerful list maker in the notes section. What I like best about zoho is that it lets you send thoughts and ideas from your cell phone straight to your online planner! Just type note: or todo: in the subject line and give it a title and whatever you want in the body of the email and it all gets entered in your planner in the notes or to do section!

www.worst3.com Mostly just for laughs, you can share lists of the best3 and worst3 things you can think of.

http://seekler.com mostly just displays lists of people’s favorite things.

www.wridea.com Also offers RSS feeds and sharable lists.

www.43things.com lets you lists your goals in life and connects you to others who have either already achieved those goals or who are also currently pursuing the same goals.

www.43people.com Another sibling site to 43things only geared towards…yup..you guessed it…for people you want to meet instead of things to do.

It is a unique concept that can actually help you make your dreams come true, big it or small. Eventually, you can become the mentor for someone else who wants to achieve the goal or dream you achieved.

www.43places.com the natural sibling site to 43things only geared towards…yup..you guessed it…for places you want to go instead of things to do.

Internet Running out of space? November 20, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in News.

New study claims internet will experience major problems if infrasture is not upgraded which could cost billions of dollars!

Heck, maybe we need to start focusing on Internet 2.0?