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Best Wedding Sites November 25, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Lists.

A friend of mine is getting hitched so I started compiling the best wedding websites around today. There is a slew of new ones every day too!

Here are the best ones that I’ve seen thus far.

www.TheKnot.com is one of the first sites for weddings. Does most of what you need. Great free tools such as to do lists.

www.weddingwire.com is a newcomer that rivals The Knot with features.

www.nearlyweds.com is yet another new kid on the block with web 2.0 features including a blog and website.

http://ourweddingday.com offers an impressive amount of features. Includes free website.

http://weddingcontrol.com does not have a great interface. Mostly manages the guest list.

www.seeyouthen.com (coming soon) Mostly for sharing everyone’s photos from wedding and reception.

www.bestweddingsites.com lists a ton of wedding resources.

Summation: The ultimate wedding website should allow the happy couple to manage every aspect of their magical day. Not only that, it should allow them to continue running their website as a family website instead of just their wedding website. The key would be to build it upon google’s OpenSocial which would allow you to pick the web parts/services you want from other services such as photo’s from your Flickr account or music from ILike or videos from YouTube, etc. etc.


1. Andy Drake - May 1, 2008

Thanks for the kudos. We’ve launched and our brides love it. We truly believe that we are the only web 2.0 wedding website out there. Your own private social network dedicated to your wedding! Thanks again.

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