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Best Wishlist Websites November 28, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Lists.
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There seems to be new wishlist websites every day! Here are the best that I’ve tried.

www.wishpot.com is my favorite these days. It has the most modern web 2.0 look n’ feel and social networking features like sharing lists. Another strong feature is the ability to send ideas for gifts from your cell phone right to your wishpot account!

www.wists.com is another strong newcomer. It has nice options to embed your wishlists on your blog or website.

www.boxedup.com is yet another hot new kid on the block. Their real-time listing of new items added to wishlists is unique but is it useful? Their widgits are very good. The ability to show what you already bought and own is nice for youngsters who want to show off their stuff.

www.giftboxhome.com is similar to boxed up. Easiest to use. Not as slick interface as the other newcomers.

www.MyThings.com is also new. Its unique feature is the ability to get ratings/feedback from others for any gift ideas you have.

www.MyITThings.com is not to be confused by MyThings.com. It offers some nice widgits to show off your lists.

www.wishlist.com has been around the longest and excellent when it comes to lists but it suffers from ugly outdated interface.

www.thingsIWant.com is another grand-daddy that shows its age with a hideous design. I do like their concept of being able to add any item you are viewing on any website straight to your wishlist, but the catch is to install their toolbar link.

Summation: There are still a lot of features missing from the wishlist services offered up here. Some do things nicely while others don’t. Wishpot and wists need to merge, perhaps? 🙂 Amazon invented the category with a powerful wishlist feature but it is limited to its store, of course. We need a similar service for ALL websites. Perhaps all vendors can agree on a standard wishlist option and add a single Add to Wishlist button.


1. Paisano - November 28, 2007


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