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Searchles December 8, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Video.

Searchles is a unique service that lets you create playlists of videos from google, YouTube and MySpace (more to come). Their MyTV feature is the most impression and fun part because it lets you edit any of these videos online and actually select the portion of the video you want to play and share with others. Here is a brief but informative video demo of how it works.

Here is an example of someone’s channel they call The 8 Most Memorable Movie Cameos by Non-Actors . Notice how they’ve included 8 different clips that you can switch between or change like channels on TV. The possibilities are endless because it depends on the person’s creativity. Here is one I put together in 5 minutes with some Christmas videos. Tip: Click the menu button to change any video that is playing.

WorldTV and others need to study how Searchles does things and incorporate their slick and powerful video editing tools. Searchles was briefly covered in a previous piece on this blog called YouTV.

Al though Searchles does not provide a way to record your own webcam broadcasts at this time, you can still use your own videos and create your own TV channel and playlists if you upload your videos to YouTube, Google video or MySpace.


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