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Free Search Engine for Your Enterprise January 31, 2008

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Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express is a free (for now) search solution for the enterprise. It’s easy to install and can be up and running within minutes. It looks and feels like search engines we use every day. Includes subscription service that sends update notifications of your search results via e-mail and RSS alerts. Watch this brief video to see how it works.

What can You Search?

Network File Shares
Local Intranet
Corporate Website
Microsoft Exchange Public Folders
Federated Search Connectors

What are Federated Search Connectors? (See video)

Federated Search Connectors allow your Microsoft enterprise search solution to pass search queries to a target system and accept and display results returned from that system.

They are based on the Open Search standard, making it easy to configure federated searches for a wide variety of existing information services. The configuration data for a Federated Search Connector can be packaged and reused as a Federated Location Definition (.FLD) file.

Here are just some sample connectors you will be able to search within your enterprise:
News: Live.com News, Yahoo News, Google News, Wired, The Register
Information Resources: MSDN, TechNet, Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, Yahoo
Media: Flickr, Yahoo Images, YouTube, PodScope
Blogs: Technorati, Google Blog Search

Technical Resources
Here’s a
6 minute video that demonstrates what the user will see.
Here’s the Installation & Configration video.

Comparison of Microsoft Search Solutions
The chart of features will show the differences in features for Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express, Search Server 2008 and their flagship SharePoint Server 2007. The free express version does everything that the commercial Search Server solution does except for High Availability and Load Balancing.

Microsoft Search Server 2008 Release Candidate is free. The RTM (Release to Manafacturing) version will also be free. Will it always remain free? Don’t count on it, bub! However, by then everyone in your organization will be so hooked on it that there shouldn’t be any problems getting the purchase order approved by the powers that be.

Free Download and System Requirements:

  • Processor: 2.5 gigahertz (GHz) (minimum)
  • Memory: 2 gigabytes (GB) RAM (minimum)
  • Operating System: Any of the following editions of the Windows Server 2003 or newer operating system with the most recent service packs: Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Datacenter Edition, and Web Edition.
  • Hard disk: NTFS-formatted partition with 3 GB of free space (minimum)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 with ASP.NET 2.0 enabled
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation Runtime Components 
    Note: Search Server 2008 Express can be installed on one computer only. It supports an unlimited number of Web front-end servers, but only one application server.

Final Thoughts:
No matter how you feel about Microsoft or their operating systems, their Search Server 2008 Express is worth a look if your organization needs a way to index and search volumes of documents and other bits of information. Besides, the price is right!

By the way, Microsoft’s Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 is also free and commonly called SharePoint-lite.
Here is how SharePoint can help you build your own social network for the enterprise for free!

Replacing the Office 2007 Ribbon Bar … January 31, 2008

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How to Replace Microsoft Office 2007’s Big Ugly Ribbon bar with the old familiar Office 2003 Toolbar
Paisano’s Stupid Office Tricks Series Vol 1 Episode 1
One of the most common complaints that I’ve heard about Microsoft Office 2007 is about the big ugly ribbon bar that some GUI genius from Redmond decided was an improvement over the old interface. Its context sensitivity is supposed to make the experience more productive and intuitive but most users don’t like it. In the following 1-minute screencast you will see how to hide the ribbon bar and enable the much smaller and customizable Quick Access Toolbar (new name for the old toolbar).

Watch the PaiCast to see how it’s done in no time at all!

1 Right-Click anywhere on the big Ugly ribbon bar and select Minimize the Ribbon Bar
2 Right-Click anywhere on the Menu Bar and select Show Quick Access Tollbar below the Ribbon
3 Click on the Customize Quick Access Toolbar dropdown icon (Last item on the toolbar)
4 Select More Commands
5 Click the dropdown menu for Choose Commands from…. and select All Commands
6 Select the command you want on the left and click the add button to add it to your toolbar
7 Click OK when completed

Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy January 29, 2008

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Every nerd or geek from I.T. (like me) loved the “Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy” sketch from Saturday Night Live. Jimmy Fallon was hilarious and dead-on as the cynical sarcastic helpdesk hero. While most of the jargon and technical props were way off base in regards to realism, the sentiment of the sketches were always eerily right on the money. Fortunately, most tech support personell never really behave the way ole Nick does, but many do “think” what he has the audacity to say and do, like telling someone to “MOVE!” so they can fix the problem themselves.

Nick Burns has been on SNL five times, and each skit has involved the guest host.

  • 11/20/1999: host Jennifer Aniston – Plays an employee whose computer was crashing with a new program
  • 1/8/2000: host Jamie Foxx – Plays an employee who matches wits—and knowledge of computers—with Burns
  • 5/20/2000: host Jackie Chan – Plays a new IT guy, Wang, who is replacing Nick for his vacation
  • 11/11/2000: host Calista Flockhart – Plays an IT girl, Rhonda, who has a thing for Nick
  • 11/17/2001: host Billy Bob Thornton – Plays Nick’s dad Here are a couple of sketches that stand out.

This one has future Academy award winner, Jamie Foxx, who gives the Nickster a run for the money when it comes to troubleshooting.

Jennifer Aniston is the guest star in this sketch.

Bye Bye Birdie 2.0 January 28, 2008

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Oh, don’t you hate it when you can’t connect to twitter?

My inner child throws a tantrum and needs a babysitter.

What a painful sight to see that bird upside down.

I click and click but I can’t seem to turn it around.

What in the world do they expect us all to do?

Like it or not, we’ve all become addicted to you!

We rely on you to deliver critical news in a timely manner.

No, we don’t give a flip that Loic Lemier is getting tanner.

We want to know about the latest sites from techcrunch.

OK, and to see if iJustine has eaten more jr mints for lunch.

How else will we learn that Scoble has gotten into more trouble?

We need our daily dose of qik video streams from our Barney Rubble.

We need to be in the loop on things like Mac World and the sale of Plaxo.

We also need to know about Veronica’s interviews and all things Mahalo.

So come on, EV, give us a break and keep that birdie alive twenty-four, Seven.

Keep CNN breaking news coming or else we’re forced to watch the news at eleven!

Written by Paisano

Web 3D January 23, 2008

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Everyone’s talking about Web 3.0 or the Semantic Web these days, but I think a more accurate name might be Web3D because the future of the internet will involve more 3D virtual reality and the metaverse. The internet will continue its natural evolution of becoming increasingly more visual and interactive. Artificial Intelligence will also become more evident in our web experience.

When Worlds Collide!

Wells Fargo has been one of the innovators when it comes to offering their services in a virtual world. Here is their Stagecoach Island in SecondLife where customers can walk around their premises and actually interact with others and even conduct business in a whole new way. They’ve already announced plans to offer Stagecoach Island jobs, credit cards and loans as a way to learn more about money management and earn more virtual money so that you can build and play more in the real world. Look for many other brick and mortar businesses to emulate the blueprint that Wells Fargo has developed over the years with their virtual world.

Forterra Systems actually creates virtual worlds for corporate, healthcare, government and entertainment industries. Their OLIVE (Online Interactive Virtual Environment) technology has allowed them to build realistic training grounds and virtual businesses. Here is an interesting video that shows what they can do.

Virtual Support
It is becoming increasingly common to get instant live support on websites whenever you have a sales or technical question thanks to services like LivePerson. While this real-time live assistance is a step in the right direction, it is still a cold impersonal web 1.0 text-based interaction. In the near futue, look for companies to provide 3D virtual sales and support assistance in the form of avatars (virtual representatives) to their website visitors. This might look something like this from Zoki at first, but the appearance of the virtual assistants will become more realistic as they have in some of the popular 3D virtual worlds we use today.

Seeing is Believing
If you are curious about the shape of things to come, then checkout some of the 3D virtual worlds that exist today for free. Here is a rundown of just some of the most popular 3D Virtual Worlds today.

SecondLife is the most well-known and popular 3D world. They continue to push the envelope when it comes to bridging the gap between our current 2D web and the future of Web 3D Virtual Reality. They’ve failed at several attempts to incorporate business and commerce within their virtual worlds but who is to say that they won’t eventually find the winning formula? I admire the attempts and the “outside the box” thinking they continue to share with the world.

Worlds has been around longer than any other virtual world service. I personally got hooked on this in 1999/2000, long before there was a SecondLife. They’ve only recently launched a major upgrade that will allow it to compete with SecondLife which has surpassed it as the most feature rich virtual world. Still, Worlds cannot be forgotten as one of the pioneers of the metaverse. They were the first to attract big names to the platform and created BowieWorld (Davie Bowie themed world) and Aerosmith World. They also had well-known locations built such as Yankee Stadium which allowed you to walk all around the famous arena. Here’s a video of the new Worlds.com.

Croquet is an open source 3D world and development platform. Expect big news from this service as it gains traction within the development community. The posibilities are endless! Here’s a demo video of what it can do:

TheSims is the legendary world that you cast the characters and watch, sort of like virtual seamonkeys. The amount of characters, worlds and options continues to grow in impressive fashion. Still, it isn’t the first person type of virtual experience that SecondLife offers.

World of Warcraft is the well-known and ultra successful role playing game that allows you to create a virtual character and interact with others online. The number of monthly subscribers is staggering and WoW has been profitable for a long time. Their business model is studied by all interested in virtual worlds.

Entropaiuniverse is like a cross between World of Warcraft and SecondLife.

Multiverse is another open source 3D world development platform. There is debate over how open this platform truly is or not.

ActiveWorlds is similar to Worlds.com. You can create your own avatar and build your own homes and worlds.

RedLightCenter is like SecondLife for adults only due to its sexual themes and language.

Kaneva is unique because it offers not only the 3D chat experience but also a 2D chat to bridge the gap between worlds.

There offers the usual features. Coca Cola has a virtual world there.

VSide is called the 3D facebook.

Zwinky is a popular 2D world for teens and pre-teens

Gaia is another preteen favorite.

Hipihi is a visually stunning experience from China.

Meez isn’t a 3D world but a way to create your 3D profile.

CityPixel is a 3D isometric (pixel-art) city where users can stake a claim on some virtual real estate (apartments/office cubes) for free.

Final Thoughts
Will 3D Virtual Worlds really be a significant part of Web 3.0 (Semantic Web)? I doubt it, but I do believe that it will play a much bigger role in our every day web experience. I firmly contend that it is a natural evolution of the Internet to become increasingly more visual and thus more realistic and thus more interactive. One need only examine the evolution of computer games to see the same pattern developing with our online experience. Where websites from 1994 on Netscape Navigator are like the game of PONG and today’s ultra realistic worlds on SecondLife are like Halo 3. Perhaps not the best analogy but you get the picture (pun intended).

Please bookmark the live Virtual Worlds Matrix document that will maintain an exhaustive list of all virtual worlds as they come and go and evolve.

Update: 20 tools for enhancing virtual experience from Mashable

Build your own Online Databases for FREE! January 22, 2008

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You can now build powerful and sharable databases online for free thanks to websites like Zoho. You don’t even need any special database development experience to create online databases that you can access any time from any browser. You can build it and store it online and even export the data to a spreadsheet if you want to work with the information in an Excel spreadsheet offline.

Zoho DB & Reports offers the best “Free” online database service, hands down. It is extremely easy to create your own database and the performance is impressive. The databases run rather quickly which was a pleasant surprise. There doesn’t appear to be any limits in place for the number of databases you can create for free nor how large they can grow so I do not know how many records a Zoho database can contain. You can share any database with anyone you want by simply adding their email address and sending them a link. They don’t even have to join zoho to view the database which is a nice change of pace from other services. Another excellent feature is the ability to embed any database or view on your website. Here is a example of a database called The Zone where I have every Twilight Zone episode along with other information. You can share databases with individuals, make them public or keep them private.
Here’s an excellent Zoho DB & Reports screencast

Zoho Creator
is another database creation service they offer but don’t get them confused. While they describe it as a Database Application builder, it does a lot more than that. Zoho Creator is a lot more complex than Zoho DB so it will not be as easy to use straight out of the gate. It offers an excellent interface builder for creating customized forms for your database application. They now even offer the ability to build database applications for the mobile platform and have their own API for those interested in building more complex databases.

Final Thoughts
There are many online database solutions, but not that many free ones. Zoho is clearly the best of breed in this class. Now, some will ask “Why do I even need a database online when I can simply store or share a document or spreadsheet online? Well, there are many reasons, one of which is the ability to enter data one time and generate countless view of that data to present it in different views. Yes, there are many situations where a spreadsheet will be the best method of storing data online, but there are also many situations when data is best kept in an online database, especially if the information can be viewed in many different ways. Ultimately, the choice will be your’s. Thanks to companies like Zoho, we now have that option. 🙂

Bubble 2.0 January 20, 2008

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All of the web 2.0 pundits and so-called experts are predicting another bubble burst like what took place in 2000 when the dot com phenomenon came to a cataclysmic end. Who is to say for sure what will happen for sure? In order to predict the future it is always wise to examine the past to study and learn possible explanations for a certain conclusion. By learning from the past mistakes of others, one could possibly avoid the same fate, but it doesn’t guarantee success either. Still, it might be fun to take a stroll down memory lane. Shall we?

Startup.com is a documentary that captured the fate of a dot com startup called GovWorks.com. Many entrepreneurs and universities use this film as a training guide for online businesses. The film has won numerous awards thanks to its voyeuristic approach to the subject matter, giving an inside look at the world of dot com startups that was up till that point totally unknown.
Here is the Trailer and a Charlie Rose Interview with Cast and Crew

Kozmo.com is considered the poster-child for the dot com bust. They offered a one-hour delivery service for items such as Starbucks coffee and Blockbuster DVDs. While the concept was simple and appealing, the execution of the business became increasingly perplexing and astonishingly destructive to its long-term success. Somehow, despite a business model that most financial experts criticized, Kozmo managed to raised over $250 million dollars and burned thru it in record time!

e-dreams is a documentary that chronicles the rise and fall of Kozmo.com. Some have criticized the documentary itself for being to sympathetic to the Kozmo executives, painting them as victims of sorts when they were the primary factors for its historic demise. Instead of pointing fingers they just needed to look in the mirror.

WebVan is another perfect case study for demonstrating how to take a sure-fire can’t miss business idea and totally blow it up into millions of pieces in no time at all. For those of you who don’t remember, WebVan delivered the groceries you ordered online right to your house! Here is one of their TV Commercials:

I loved WebVan because we used it on a regular basis in Atlanta, GA. Their website was excellent and easy to use. The food was usually fresh and almost always in stock and available. Heck, even the fish was fresh and tasty! Still, I know something was wrong when I noticed all of the shiny new vans zooming around town and all of the ultra expensive palm pilots (hey, this was way before the iphone, kiddies!) that every driver carried around including portable printers for receipts! When I saw their warehouse on a television special my mouth dropped open and I knew they were doomed. We later learned that WebVan spent over $1 Billion just on their warehouses alone!

Eventually, WebVan managed to offer their services in nine U.S. markets, but had planned to service 26 before they went bankrupted in 2001. The autopsy of their financials would become historic for examples of blatant excess and carelessness. One example being the purchase of 115 Herman Miller Aeron chairs (at over $800 each)!

Here is a mockumentary of WebCan called IceVan:

Final Thoughts:
I’d like the end this piece with the clever Bubble Song that everyone’s seen by now but still worth a glance:

Are You This Cool Offline? January 19, 2008

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People are not always as they appear online. The internet makes it so easy to be something different than we are in reality. I’m not talking about the wild extreme examples of people pretending to be the other gender or things to that effect. I’m referring to the more common situations where people tend to stretch and bend the truth a little about themselves online in order to form a better version of themselves. Why wouldn’t you do it? Well, many prefer to be as honest as they can be online or off, but many more feel it’s better to promote your best features (and photo’s) and let the “warts” show later on in due time. I guess it’s all up to the individual how brutally honest they want to be online.

Here’s a funny music video by Brad Paisley called “ONLINE” that addresses this subject matter in a humorous way.

Here are the lyrics

I work down at the Pizza Pit
And I drive an old Hyundai
I still live with my mom and dad
I’m 5 foot 3 and overweight
I’m a scifi fanatic
A mild asthmatic
And I’ve never been to second base
But there’s whole ‘nother me
That you need to see
Go checkout MySpace

‘Cause online I’m out in Hollywood
I’m 6 foot 5 and I look damn good
I drive a Maserati
I’m a black-belt in karate
And I love a good glass of wine
It turns girls on that I’m mysterious
I tell them I don’t want nothing serious
‘Cause even on a slow day
I could have a three way
Chat with two women at one time
I’m so much cooler online
So much cooler online

When I get home I kiss my mom
And she fixes me a snack
And I head down to my basement bedroom
And fire up my Mac
In real life the only time I’ve ever even been to L.A
Is when I got the chance with the marching band
To play tuba in the Rose Parade

Online I live in Malibu
I pose for Calvin Klein, I’ve been in GQ
I’m single and I’m rich
And I’ve got a set of six pack abs that would blow your mind
It turns girls on that I’m mysterious
I tell them I don’t want nothing serious
‘Cause even on a slow day
I could have a three way
Chat with two women at one time
I’m so much cooler online
So much cooler online

When you got my kind of stats
It’s hard to get a date
Let alone a real girlfriend
But I grow another foot and I lose a bunch of weight
Every time I login

I’m out in Hollywood
I’m 6 foot 5 and I look damn good
Even on a slow day
I could have a three way
Chat with two women at one time
I’m so much cooler online
Yeah, I’m cooler online
I’m so much cooler online
Yeah, I’m cooler online

Yeah, I’m cooler online

Yeah, I’ll see ya online

The First 100 Registered Domains January 18, 2008

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Top 100 List of the internets First Registered Domain Names

The history of domain names is an interesting and unique one. The first domain to ever be registered online occurred over 20 YEARS ago! Symbolics.com is credited with the first domain name. After a quick Whois check, the domain was registered on March 15, 1985.

In 1984-1984, the DNS was created and the first top level domains were .com, .org, .edu, .gov, .mil and ccTLD’s.

The first of firsts for the domain industry:

* First .com – symbolics.com
* First .edu’s – cmu.edu, purdue.edu, rice.edu, ucla.edu (April of 1985)
* First .gov – css.gov (June of 1985)
* First .org – mitre.org (July of 1985)

The first 100 .com’s to be registered: (Actual websites from the year indicated)
1. 15-Mar-1985 SYMBOLICS.COM (1998 Archive – http://web.archive.org/web/199812070…www/index.html)
2. 24-Apr-1985 BBN.COM (1996
3. 24-May-1985 THINK.COM (1997
4. 11-Jul-1985 MCC.COM (1997
5. 30-Sep-1985 DEC.COM (Not Available)
6. 07-Nov-1985 NORTHROP.COM (1999
7. 09-Jan-1986 XEROX.COM (1996
8. 17-Jan-1986 SRI.COM (1996
9. 03-Mar-1986 HP.COM (1996
10. 05-Mar-1986 BELLCORE.COM (1997
11. 19-Mar-1986 IBM.COM (1996
12. 19-Mar-1986 SUN.COM (1996
13. 25-Mar-1986 INTEL.COM (1996
14. 25-Mar-1986 TI.COM (1996
15. 25-Apr-1986 ATT.COM (1996
http://web.archive.org/web/199610291…//www.att.com/ Beware this page trys to load Java and might mess up your browser like it did mine. I use FireFox.)
16. 08-May-1986 GMR.COM (1996
17. 08-May-1986 TEK.COM (1998
18. 10-Jul-1986 FMC.COM (1997
19. 10-Jul-1986 UB.COM (Unavailable)
20. 05-Aug-1986 BELL-ATL.COM (1998
21. 05-Aug-1986 GE.COM (1996
22. 05-Aug-1986 GREBYN.COM (1999
http://web.archive.org/web/199901162…ww.grebyn.com/ (just the URL on a page)
23. 05-Aug-1986 ISC.COM (1997
24. 05-Aug-1986 NSC.COM (1997
25. 05-Aug-1986 STARGATE.COM (1998
26. 02-Sep-1986 BOEING.COM (1996
27. 18-Sep-1986 ITCORP.COM (None Available)
28. 29-Sep-1986 SIEMENS.COM (1996
29. 18-Oct-1986 PYRAMID.COM (1998
30. 27-Oct-1986 ALPHACDC.COM (Not Available)
31. 27-Oct-1986 BDM.COM
32. 27-Oct-1986 FLUKE.COM
33. 27-Oct-1986 INMET.COM
34. 27-Oct-1986 KESMAI.COM
35. 7-Oct-1986 MENTOR.COM
36. 7-Oct-1986 NEC.COM
37. 27-Oct-1986 RAY.COM
38. 27-Oct-1986 ROSEMOUNT.COM
39. 27-Oct-1986 VORTEX.COM
40. 05-Nov-1986 ALCOA.COM
41. 05-Nov-1986 GTE.COM
42. 17-Nov-1986 ADOBE.COM
43. 17-Nov-1986 AMD.COM
44. 17-Nov-1986 DAS.COM
45. 17-Nov-1986 DATA-IO.COM
46. 17-Nov-1986 OCTOPUS.COM
47. 17-Nov-1986 PORTAL.COM
48. 17-Nov-1986 TELTONE.COM
49. 11-Dec-1986 3COM.COM
50. 11-Dec-1986 AMDAHL.COM
51. 11-Dec-1986 CCUR.COM
52. 11-Dec-1986 CI.COM
53. 11-Dec-1986 CONVERGENT.COM
54. 11-Dec-1986 DG.COM
55. 11-Dec-1986 PEREGRINE.COM
56. 11-Dec-1986 QUAD.COM
57. 11-Dec-1986 SQ.COM
58. 11-Dec-1986 TANDY.COM
59. 11-Dec-1986 TTI.COM
60. 11-Dec-1986 UNISYS.COM
61. 19-Jan-1987 CGI.COM
62. 19-Jan-1987 CTS.COM
63. 19-Jan-1987 SPDCC.COM
64. 19-Feb-1987 APPLE.COM
65. 04-Mar-1987 NMA.COM
66. 04-Mar-1987 PRIME.COM
67. 04-Apr-1987 PHILIPS.COM
68. 23-Apr-1987 DATACUBE.COM
69. 23-Apr-1987 KAI.COM
70. 23-Apr-1987 TIC.COM
71. 23-Apr-1987 VINE.COM
72. 30-Apr-1987 NCR.COM
73. 14-May-1987 CISCO.COM
74. 14-May-1987 RDL.COM
75. 20-May-1987 SLB.COM
76. 27-May-1987 PARCPLACE.COM
77. 27-May-1987 UTC.COM
78. 26-Jun-1987 IDE.COM
79. 09-Jul-1987 TRW.COM
80. 13-Jul-1987 UNIPRESS.COM
81. 27-Jul-1987 DUPONT.COM
82. 27-Jul-1987 LOCKHEED.COM
83. 28-Jul-1987 ROSETTA.COM
84. 18-Aug-1987 TOAD.COM
85. 31-Aug-1987 QUICK.COM
86. 03-Sep-1987 ALLIED.COM
87. 03-Sep-1987 DSC.COM
88. 03-Sep-1987 SCO.COM
89. 22-Sep-1987 GENE.COM
90. 22-Sep-1987 KCCS.COM
91. 22-Sep-1987 SPECTRA.COM
92. 22-Sep-1987 WLK.COM
93. 30-Sep-1987 MENTAT.COM
94. 14-Oct-1987 WYSE.COM
95. 02-Nov-1987 CFG.COM
96. 09-Nov-1987 MARBLE.COM
97. 16-Nov-1987 CAYMAN.COM
97. 16-Nov-1987 ENTITY.COM
99. 24-Nov-1987 KSR.COM
100. 30-Nov-1987 NYNEXST.COM

It’s interesting to see the first domain names ever registered. There’s plenty of names on the list that you wouldn’t expect to be there, and some domains that you would expect to see there but aren’t.

Non-.COM Domains

mit.edu – Domain activated: 23-May-1985
Nordu.net – 01-jan-1985
MITRE.ORG 10-Jul-85
SRC.ORG 25-Mar-86
SUPER.ORG 10-Jul-86
NSF.NET 05-Nov-86
AERO.ORG 07-Jan-87
MCNC.ORG 15-Jan-87
RAND.ORG 02-Apr-87
MN.ORG 04-Apr-87
RTI.ORG 01-May-87
UU.NET 20-May-87
SESQUI.NET 21-Jul-87


References: PopuPlace

Triumph of the Nerds January 17, 2008

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“Triumph of the Nerds” (1996) is my all-time favorite documentary on computers or technology ever! I remember the first time I watched it and how informative, entertaining and inspirational it was to me. I was still a break and fix technician and I recall being extremely inspired to do more with my career in I.T. I immediately took a leap of faith and quit my hardware technician position with a major Value Added Reseller in Atlanta to become a Network Administrator which was a bold move at the time and the best thing I ever did in my career. It changed everything forever and I can say that this geekfest on PBS had a great deal to do with it. I still love watching it. I think it is still relavent today and a must see for anyone who is interested in computers and technology. It covers the birth of the information age and documents how we arrived where we are today and where we are headed in the future.
You will see young Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and learn exactly how their respective companies got started and the truth behind their incredible successes and failures. I believe even you Microsoft bashing Macheads will change your view of Bill Gates and company after watching this movie. Even if you despise what Microsoft has become and loath their products, you will develop a healthy respect and appreciation for the way they achieved success not only for themselves but for the entire computer industry itself. Far too many of us are guilty of forgetting the facts and all that Microsoft did for technology. It has become en vogue to mock and ridicule the modern day behemoth. It’s not fair of us to rewrite history in this manner. We must not lose site of all the good that Microsoft has done for technology and believe or not, continue to do! Insert gasp here.

So, sit back and grab some popcorn and your mountain dew and enjoy a techno classic called “TRIUMPH OF THE NERDS” in its entirety.

Here is the movie in three parts

Triumph of the Nerds – Part 1 of 3

Triumph of the Nerds – Part 2 of 3

Triumph of the Nerds – Part 3 of 3

Official Website

Purchase the DVD on Amazon

The Sequel

Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet (1998) is the 3-hour documentary sequel to Triumph of the Nerds, written and hosted by Robert X. Cringely. Nerds 2.0.1 was broadcast two years prior to the 2000 dot-bust of Silicon Valley. It documents the development of the ARPANET, the Internet, the World Wide Web and the Dot-com boom of the mid and late 1990s. Notice how the title pre-dated the whole Web 2.0 craze by almost a decade!

Wikipedia on Nerd 2.0.1

Official Website for Nerds 2.0.1

Recent Documentaries on Silicon Valley

In Search of the Valley is a 2004 documentary about three friends who went to Silicon Valley and interviewed some of the giants of computer history.

Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGj-ZxgMMao

Wikipedia History of Computers chronicles the historic events in the history of computers.

Wikipedia History of the Internet offers up a detailed timeline of the major moments in the history of the Internet.