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Virtual DJ January 4, 2008

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Music.

Play your songs online for free!

The following sites will let you play your own songs over the web so you can hear it wherever you go as long as you have internet access. Some sites like the popular ILike and Last.fm let you share your playlists with the world but NOT your actual songs. The songs they do allow you to play aren’t full songs, only samples. These sites will let you upload your mp3 files and stream YOUR playlists and share it with whomever you want or just for yourself.

***Pai’s Pick***

has the best looking interface and offers the easiest method for setting up your own music streaming station on the web. It does take a while to upload the songs to their server but once there it is easy to create playlists and share them. Here is my nano’s entire playlist on RadioPAI

is similar to Anywhere.fm. You need to upload your music and share the lists. Here is their demo screencast that shows the entire process.

does the following:
Listen to your own music from anywhere in the world Stream concerts from the Internet Archive Tune in to great music from around the web Create your own playlists and share them on your own site See what your friends are listening to

* The following services do not require uploading songs to their server because you will be playing your songs right from your computer over the internet.

VibeStreamer is not nearly as easy to install and setup so it is for the more advanced crowd. It does offer unlimited song streams though.

is a little different than all the rest because it lets you stream and share more than just music, but also photo’s, videos, and more.

Orb offers more than music streaming, much like imeem, it wants to be your media center on the web.


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