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iMedix: Social Network for Patients January 11, 2008

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Health, social networks.
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iMedix is unlike any other social network you will ever join. It isn’t just a social network for patients, but more accurately for anyone who is interested in health and medical information.

It’s primary reason for being, you will quickly discover, is to help people connect and communicate with others who understand what they are going through medically. I must admit that it is quite startling the first time you receive a friend request from someone who will bluntly reveal, “I am interested in brain cancer. I have a Glioblastoma multiforme tumor.” Talk about different from MySpace!

The other unique and unusual aspect of this social network is the member profile pages. Once again, you will see listings unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Here is an actual profile of a member:

The interests are all hyperlinked to pages that will share useful information regarding that interest as well as members who also share the same interest. Those members could either have that medical condition or simply doing research on that subject matter for a friend or family member. You can chat with them live if they are online of course or add them as a friend or simply send them a message about your shared interest. It is truly an eye-opening experience.

Now, before you close this webpage and run for the hills towards your bright and perky Facebook account to erase the depressing features of iMedix, I am pleading for you to hold your horses and continue to read this review. Granted, there are a lot of sad and heartbreaking elements to iMedix, but I love this service and what they are doing. I think it is a brilliant stroke of genius and an important community service for everyone. Sooner or later, everyone’s life will be impacted immensely by a medical condition, be it your own or someone you know in your life and God forbid, a friend or relative.
I will admit there is a personal reason why I feel so strongly about this website. My sister-in-law lost a three-year battle with ovarian cancer during the holidays and I know that I would have been on iMedix a lot had I know of its existence while she was still with us. Even if iMedix doesn’t always provide information that leads to a cure, it still provides a valuable service: communication and contact with other people who will understand what you are dealing with. That feature alone makes iMedix a truly worthy service to humanity.


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