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Create Your Own LinkedIN Network for the Enterprise February 21, 2008

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Enterprise, Networks, Semantic Web, social networks.
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LinkedIN is a fantastic networking service for business contacts, but wouldn’t it be even more useful if you could build your own version of this service within your own enterprise? Obviously, you would start with the relationships internally among all employees and then have links to their external contacts outside your firewall to other companies, social networks and other email systems. Everything would evolve from within your internal Outlook or other corporate email system and ultimately extend to external email systems such as Yahoo, Gmail and more.

Well, you can do this and start for free thanks to Visible Path which has launched an innovative new service that does exactly this. Seeing is believing and a picture is indeed worth a thousand words so checkout their 2 minute screencast. I think you will be impressed as I was with what they do. I truly believe that they are onto something big here which will all be part of the future of the Internet and the Semantic web. Another positive move is Visiable Path’s decision to embrace OpenSocial standards which is a great sign for its future on the web as well as on the Enterprise.


1. Friend - February 22, 2008

Have you tried it? Did it work? Was it useful?

2. Tracy Stuart - February 22, 2008

Hey haven’t you heard of Virtudex.com? It’s the best business social network. Invite only so here is the pass code – pass08

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