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What About Me? June 2, 2008

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Blogs, Marketing, Search.
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Techrigy’s SM2 is an excellent search tool that will scour the vast world wide web for any mention of your name or any of your websites or blogs. They offer a free account that allows you to search for up to five keywords or phrases and stores up to 1,000 search results which is excellent. The results are can even be sent to your email account on a daily basis if that’s what you want.
SM2 was designed for PR & marketing professionals but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use the tool for researching your own personal brand. The results will surprise you and teach you a few things too.
Final thoughts: There are a bunch of ways to manually search the web for your name and personal brand such as TweetScan for Twitter or google for your blog, but SM2 provides a powerful search mechanism along with impressive analysis tools including charting with comparisons, demographics, geo-location, sentiment and drill-down reports.


1. Aaron Newman - June 2, 2008

Pai, thanks for the mention.

Yes, brand is a term that applies to everyone – your brand is in your blog, social networks, forums, etc… I get a kick out of it when I find a long lost friend mention my name on some blog somewhere.

2. mousewords - June 5, 2008

Thanks for that heads’ up! Right now I use Google Alerts to track ‘mousewords’ and my blog url, but it produces the oddest results. One day it will send me a picture I posted on Flickr–the next, a random “@mousewords” tweet. While it’s been good for a few grins, it’s not been too helpful in tracking my branding efforts. 😉

3. Never Miss another Tweet « American Pai - June 13, 2008

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