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FriendFeed Karma July 18, 2008

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Friendfeed, Web 2.0.

If you want to make sure you are following everyone that’s following you on FriendFeed then you need to use this cool service called FriendVenn that’s just like the excellent Twitter Karma service that does the same thing for Twitter members.

Just enter your login ID and password for FriendFeed and you will see the following information:
People you are subscribed to but do not follow you back (Shame on them!)
People you follow that follow you back (Karmariffic!)
People who follow you but you don’t follow back for some reason (Shame on you!)

Here’s my FF results which shocked me! I didn’t realize so many didn’t follow Pai back (Most of them friends elsewhere!) and I didn’t realize that I didn’t follow back so many that I thought I was.

29 people you are subscribed to. 29 people who both sub to you and you sub to. 12 people who only subscribe to you.
Alana Taylor
Cheryl Smith
Chris Heuer
Chris Johnston
Chris Messina
Christina Warren
Christine Lu
Jason Calacanis
Jeff Pulver
Julia Roy
Kevin Rose
Leo Laporte
Loic Le Meur
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Meg Canada
Neha Narula
Nik Butler
Robert Scoble
Susan Reynolds
laura fitton
loren feldman
michael arrington
Ben Borges
Christine Cavalier
Hao Chen
Jay Martinez
Linda Mills
Lucretia Pruitt
Mari Adkins
Mykl Roventine
Nathaniel Payne
Nicole Randome
Orli Yakuel
R. Staehlin
Rachel Rubin
Robert Kuhlmann
Stacee Schmidt-Cottrell
Stefan Hayden
Stevi Deter
Todd Jordan
Veronica Giggey
Whitney Hoffman
phil baumann
robert holiday
Charlie Anzman
Chris Rodgers
Dan Covington
Dave Evans
Jeff Turner
Jim Jannotti
Rick Mahn
ingo ju
the constant skeptic

Note: I want to thank Hao Chen for sharing this with me. He has created some excellent grasemonkey scripts for FriendFeed on FireFox so I asked if he had plans for doing this type of thing and he sent me the link to FriendVenn! I would checkout his very cool scripts too!
Oh, my FF is http://friendfeed.com/paisano


1. Chris Heuer - July 19, 2008

will fix that now Pai 😉

2. Paisano - July 19, 2008

Thanks Heuer! Much appreciated. That’s what I like about this tool, it lets you fix things you never would’ve realized otherwise.

3. MICHAEL ANTHONY - June 22, 2009


4. Petter Smith - December 1, 2010

Great finally i got a new social web site in which i can make some new friends. i am using the the Twitter from last 2 years and i just love to make friends in the internet. I really join this site.

5. "He'll start crying." Picked the wrong way. - February 5, 2011

So many people don’t care about global warming. They disregard the need for conservation and instead drive SUVs. They don’t care about the Federal deficit/debt (outside of partisanship) and they don’t care earning $400k for an $80,000/year job will eventually bankrupt the country. They have awarded themselves $400k pay and retirement packages, loading up their friends on the payroll during the boom 90s through the real estate bust while all services which the program were intended to fund now get cut to pay for it.
They think they are going sometime during/at the end of this life, and disregard the poor souls who are left behind.
Sounds like the Italians who were used to plan World War II and the Holocaust, and not by accident.
These are the people who will be here in the United States when bankruptcy is declared and society deteriorates into chaos. And they will deserve the anarchy which ensues.

The gods used the Italians to ruin life in the 20th century.
The gods used the Italians to ruin life in A.D. with The Church.
The Church controlled Western Civilization. As the largest land owner in Europe they controlled the monarchies. They were responsbile for slavery, revenge for African invasion and rape of Italy. They created religious discontent, ultimately leading to the disfavored dumping ground known as the United States.
And each generation of these Italians were sold on “earning”, only to be reincarnated as a lesser life form subsequently, punishment for their evil.
“The West Bank, where the end of the world will begin.” With xtianity.
And they were reincarnated into the ghetto to be punished as crack babies and in drive-by shootings, both intentionally inflicted on the black community and poetic justice for inflicting these horrors on their hated enemies.
On their brothers.

The gods are the commensurate rapist pathology, focussed on control.
It is appropriate the picked the Italians for the downfall of man. The perception offered is exactly how the gods are. Unfortunate for the Italians, they were deliberately altered to match this pathology so the god’s behavior could be justified in the context of their positioning.

I will forever regret and resent being picked for this event.
I may not have learned as much as I have but I WOULD have gotten more done and made more progress, and at the end of this life that’s all that matters. We are all reincarnated and must re-learn about the gods and their methodology.
This is the worst possible senario in my life.
Despite your attempts to force your positioning, “protection” and their fulfillment of the promise I am t have a “real chance” in a future life, I will take my hatred forward to the next life.
The empty promise is I will have a real chance of going, and if I retain this experience there is no way in damngod motherfuckers that would ever be possible. Secret is they have the freedom to remind me of this life, “executive priveledge” retained, sabotaging all progress up to that point. And they WILL utilize this tactic.
This is a lost cause. They are degenerate filth who positioned in a guarentee to fail, ensuring the are not to blame for their failed promise.
The upside down star is my symbol. There is of course no Satan. That’s just the gods with different clothes on.

Another feature which the Gods offer as a clue is very foreboading and ominous. Mt. Zion is a mountain to the north of Diablo (the eye of The Beast) and one which has a working quarry at its base. Consistant with the decay we experience in society, Mt. Zion is being eaten away, slowly stripped of its resources, until one day paradise will be gone forever.

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