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Paisano was born in Salerno, Italy but he and his three brothers were raised in Newark, New Jersey by his mother. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1994 where he has lived ever since. He has been married since 1995 and has three children, Nicholas (b. 1999), Matthew (b. 2003) and Rachel (b. 2005). He has worked in the IT industry before Windows started bluescreening! He started as field tech break n’ fix grunt and slowly worked his way to network engineer, network administrator, system administrator and IT Manager.

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1. Ellen - June 4, 2008

I just read your blog about looking for the next myspace for writers…..look no more! NovelMaker.com has totally revamped its site and has added that very feature – called MyPlace for writers. It’s really quite awesome.

2. Moses Kemibaro - September 23, 2008


Just read this posting:


Are you in a position to outsource such an implementation?


3. source - September 27, 2014

Plan before you go shopping for birthday gifts for mom and surprise her while using great stuff she’ll love.
That does not make it bad, just different, and the differences change and consist of food to food and with all the varying strategies to reconstitution.

The gnats will soon smell the vinegar and get in with
the holes, in to the bowl but are not able to get out of it.
Let’s face it; freezer to table is what
works for the majority of us. source

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