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You 2.0 February 23, 2008

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Social Aggregators, Social Media, social networks, Web 2.0.
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It can be overwhelming when you consider the magnitude of your digital life today. In the past, you just needed to know your name, social security number and perhaps some other basic information such as your phone numbers and home address. Today, thanks to the amazing Internet and all that it has to offer us, we have an ever-growing mountain of “stuff” to remember or manage.

How does one do this without going nuts or losing great big chunks of precious time? I will try to share some thoughts on how to make your digital life more managable and thus all the more enjoyable. Ultimately, it will mean more free time for your offline life. These articles will be part of my Quality vs Quantity series which will adhere to the “Less is More” school of thought. Think ZenHabits meets LifeHacker with a sprinkle of twitter fairy dust (No, nothing to do with Robert Scoble!)

Here’s my You 2.0 map from MindMesiter that will give you an overview of what I plan to cover. I will continually change and update this map as it is, just like us, a perpetual work in progress.

I’m continually learning and growing so look for this information to do likewise. The goal is to provide a detailed breakdown of each module on the map, eventually. Please feel free to contribute to the project by sending links and suggestions whenever you think you might have a better way to do thing. After all, this is called YOU 2.0.

The Road Map to your reinvented digital self: You 2.0

Identity Management: Identity Crisis covers ways to take control of your online profiles and personal brand. Using OpenID is the key to the fine art of Less is More.

Contact Management: How do you manage your ever growing list of contacts? Identity Crisis also covered this ground with Plaxo and its powerful contact management and sync features.

Favorites: I Got Your Favorites Right Here covers the best social bookmarking sites around today.

Instant Messaging: Meebo: IM Legend covers the ways Meebo can reduce the headaches of multiple messenger accounts with a single login.

Email Management: Inbox 2.0 covered the future of email aggregation by spotlighting fuser.com and its ability to consolidate numerous email accounts and social networking messages into one one.

RSS: Feed Me, Seymour revealed a unique way to make Google Reader grab all of your own personal RSS feeds and share them.

News: Is it better to Digg your news or Mixx it up? This will examine the future of news delivery.

Blogs: Finding ways to improve managing your blog(s).

Websites: Streamlining your website. Registering your Personal Brand with a domain name.

MicroBlogs: What are the differences between all of the micro-blogging services? Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Tumblr, Utterz, etc.

Social Networks: Social Networking Aggregation is the key to controlling this runaway train of digital information. Identity Crisis covers Plaxo with Pulse and some other aggregators.

Music: Virtual DJ shows the best ways to stream your music library and access it from anywhere in the world.

Photos: Is Flickr still king or can PhotoBucket or some other challenger dethrone them?

Videos: YouTV examines some of the best ways to manage your video collection and broadcast it from one place.

LifeCasting: What’s the right tool for you? Seesmic, Utterz, Ustream, Qik?

Phone: The future of the phone is extremely exciting as I will look at services like GrandCentral, YouMail, Pinger, Jott and more.

Message Forums: Forums + Web 2.0 = Tangler covers the new age message forum. It isn’t your father’s message board anymore.

Summation: The Quality vs Quantity (less is more) Series will strive share the best aggregation tools and services available today in an effort to make your online life more managable and thus more enjoyable.

You 2.0 map

Forums + Web 2.0 = Tangler December 13, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Chat, Forums.
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Tangler is your father’s message board and forum all grown up and socialable. It’s a whole new way for groups to communicate.
Here are some of the features they offer:

  • Real time discussion
  • Instant alerts for new messages
  • Insert pictures, video and flash content
  • Customise the look of your group
  • Directly link to your groups and topics
  • Email summary of activity
  • Public and private groups
  • Profiles and friends
  • Integration and embedding (soon)
  • Seeing is believing. Checkout this brief video of Tangler in action.

    IM Legend: Meebo is King! December 3, 2007

    Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Chat.
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    The trend for instant messengers has been to offer web access to all of your IM accounts without the need to install any software client. Every major IM service now offers such access along with some smaller services but MEEBO is the clear leader in this arena. There is not even a comparison. Meebo continues to add new collaborative services to its free service which only increases their position as the best web IM in the game! Here is a brief highlight of these services.

    Meebo Chat one on one

    This is the heart of Meebo and how it got started. It allows you to chat with friends on several messengers at one time with a single login.

    It supports the following messenger services:

    Here is the Chat screen for one on one sessions

    Here is the Group Chat window which is ultra easy to use.

    If you notice there is a rocket ship icon on every chat window. This is the exciting new part to Meebo. It opens up entire new worlds to the chat experience.

    You will now be able to share applications, news, and even games.

    Here is a list of the applications and services you can use with your friends.


    Group Video Chat from TokBox

    Video Conference from MeBeam

    SpeedDate or AKA InstantRejection (just kidding)

    Voice Chat from Pudding Media

    Video/Audio Call also from TokBox

    Live Broadcast for webcams from Ustream.TV

    Group Voice Call from TalkShoe


    Feedhaus News
    Powered by Feedhaus, a web 2.0 real-time social news site, the Feedhaus Newsroom gives you live updates to all your favorite news stories and blogs and gives you a forum to discuss them with other people.


    The gaming section is impressive. Tons of free online games to play with friends in real-time.



    Meebo Rooms is an entirely different thing. You can share videos in a group chat room.
    You can embed the room on your website or blog too. You can create rooms with its own theme too if you want.

    Meebo offers a nice widget to add to your website or blog that shows your online status.

    Here is a shortlist of the other notable web-based universal instant messengers
    Microsoft Live Messenger
    I Love IM