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How to Export Your Contacts from Plaxo February 21, 2008

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Tips.
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I’ve loved Plaxo for many years and I’ve enjoyed the widespread attention they’ve finally garnered thanks to the success of their Pulse feature and social aggregation. However, it has always been a confusing for most people who want to simply export their contact information out of Plaxo without using the sync feature. For example, sometimes you just want all of your contacts in a csv file. Well, here’s how you do it folks.

Log into your plaxo online account.

Click the Address book tab

Click on the Add Sync Points link at the bottom of the screen

The Sync Wizard screen will apear (see image below):

We’re not going to sync anything. We just want to export our address book, so just click the second click here link.

The following screen will appear:

Simply select the file format you want, such as the .CSV file for Microsoft Outlook and then download it to your system.

That’s it. You’ve exported ALL of your contact information without synchronizing diddly squat. 🙂

Replacing the Office 2007 Ribbon Bar … January 31, 2008

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Microsoft, Screencasts, Tips.
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How to Replace Microsoft Office 2007’s Big Ugly Ribbon bar with the old familiar Office 2003 Toolbar
Paisano’s Stupid Office Tricks Series Vol 1 Episode 1
One of the most common complaints that I’ve heard about Microsoft Office 2007 is about the big ugly ribbon bar that some GUI genius from Redmond decided was an improvement over the old interface. Its context sensitivity is supposed to make the experience more productive and intuitive but most users don’t like it. In the following 1-minute screencast you will see how to hide the ribbon bar and enable the much smaller and customizable Quick Access Toolbar (new name for the old toolbar).

Watch the PaiCast to see how it’s done in no time at all!

1 Right-Click anywhere on the big Ugly ribbon bar and select Minimize the Ribbon Bar
2 Right-Click anywhere on the Menu Bar and select Show Quick Access Tollbar below the Ribbon
3 Click on the Customize Quick Access Toolbar dropdown icon (Last item on the toolbar)
4 Select More Commands
5 Click the dropdown menu for Choose Commands from…. and select All Commands
6 Select the command you want on the left and click the add button to add it to your toolbar
7 Click OK when completed