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YouTV December 5, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Video.
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It is becoming easier and cheaper to run your own internet TV station and broadcast from your webcam. The newer services also allow you to save all of your favorite videos in one place from multiple video sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, Yahoo video and more! In essense, they become a sort of social bookmarking service for your video collection from all over the web, including your own webcam videos!

Here are some of the best services that can help you launch your own YouTV!

WorldTV is the latest player in town and it is impressive. They make it easy to launch your own video TV station in minutes along with your own logo and URL (www.worldTV.com/PaiTV).
Upload your own recorded webcam sessions or add videos from just about any of the video services out there and arrange your playlists and start broadcasting. You can drag and drop videos from your locker to the playlist any time because you are the program director. Here’s a Scoble video interview of the founder of WorldTV.
***Breaking News***
WorldTV just announced they will provide a new feature that will display the globe where we can click anywhere in the world and watch the TV stations in that area.

UStreamTV is purely a webcam broadcasting system that makes it very easy to launch your own TV show live on the web. It recently partnered with Meebo the web-based messenger which means you can now launch a video chat session during text chats.

Stickam lets you broadcast your own TV shows live as well as video chat with friends.

Kyte.Tv does things a little differently. It lets you mash many types of media onto your TV playlist such as webcam video, audio, text, and more.Vidd

Non-Live YouTV Services: These sites let you create your own channels or playlists of your own videos but you can’t broadcast live like the other services.

has the best video player which allows viewers to post comments on the timeline.

Excellent quality videos and lots of creative things you can do to videos you upload.

Veoh Offers high quality video because it does not convert them.

is the most popular video site ever so not much needs to be said about them. The biggest complaint is their low-quality resolution videos.

is similar to YouTube.

Here is a comparison of video services from wikipedia.

And now for something completely different:

Searchles does not broadcast or record webcam video but it lets you create playlists of videos from google, YouTube and MySpace. The most unique thing about this site is that it will let you edit any of these videos online and actually select the portion of the video you want to play on what they call MyTV. Here is a brief but informative video demo of how it works. Here is an example of someone’s channel they call

The 8 Most Memorable Movie Cameos by Non-Actors . Notice how they’ve included 8 different clips that you can switch between or change like channels on TV. The possibilities are endless.

Best Free VMail Services December 4, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Video.
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Sending video mail (vMail) is much easier these days thanks to the following services. Many of them don’t even require any software downloads or installation as in the old days.

All you need is a webcam and a computer with Internet access and you are good to go. Here are some of the best vMail services:

MailEmotion.TV is a new service that requires no downloads or installations to send video emails.

VoxLite is another no install service that lets you either record from your webcam and send video message thru email or even upload an existing video file to email. There’s even a no sign-up way to use their service.

BedroomTV (Formerly SpringDoo) appears to be the market leader when it comes to web-based video/webcam recording that you can share on websites or emails.
They call their video mail feature SpringMail. They also have SpringMob for mobile access. SpringCast and SpringBlog for posting videos to websites and blogs.
No service comes close to the features that SpringDoo offers and all for free!

EyeJot has a free account that allows 60-second messages, 30 days of storage and webcam recording. There is a widget for your websites and blogs.

There is also something unique called EyeJot This which lets you send a video of yourself along with a link you want to share with someone.

Very simple service that makes it easy to record and send vmail.

VLIP Offers a nice interface and a public directory of other vlips. You can embed the videos or vmail it.

HelloDeo is a free video/webcam recorder from Odeo, the same people who brought us the world famous Twitter ! Don’t expect anywhere near the same level of wow here though.

All of the above services are web-based video mail sites that do not require any installation. Here is one site that offers an excellent webcamm recorder client for free (for windows and Mac)!

SightSpeed offers a premium package and a free version.

OoVoo offers free video mail and the ability to group video chat with up to six people.

If you have a webcam then you can send video emails instantly with any of these services. In many cases, you don’t even have to install anything. Here’s a list of all these video email services that will be updated with new services when they are active.