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IM Legend: Meebo is King! December 3, 2007

Posted by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Chat.
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The trend for instant messengers has been to offer web access to all of your IM accounts without the need to install any software client. Every major IM service now offers such access along with some smaller services but MEEBO is the clear leader in this arena. There is not even a comparison. Meebo continues to add new collaborative services to its free service which only increases their position as the best web IM in the game! Here is a brief highlight of these services.

Meebo Chat one on one

This is the heart of Meebo and how it got started. It allows you to chat with friends on several messengers at one time with a single login.

It supports the following messenger services:

Here is the Chat screen for one on one sessions

Here is the Group Chat window which is ultra easy to use.

If you notice there is a rocket ship icon on every chat window. This is the exciting new part to Meebo. It opens up entire new worlds to the chat experience.

You will now be able to share applications, news, and even games.

Here is a list of the applications and services you can use with your friends.


Group Video Chat from TokBox

Video Conference from MeBeam

SpeedDate or AKA InstantRejection (just kidding)

Voice Chat from Pudding Media

Video/Audio Call also from TokBox

Live Broadcast for webcams from Ustream.TV

Group Voice Call from TalkShoe


Feedhaus News
Powered by Feedhaus, a web 2.0 real-time social news site, the Feedhaus Newsroom gives you live updates to all your favorite news stories and blogs and gives you a forum to discuss them with other people.


The gaming section is impressive. Tons of free online games to play with friends in real-time.



Meebo Rooms is an entirely different thing. You can share videos in a group chat room.
You can embed the room on your website or blog too. You can create rooms with its own theme too if you want.

Meebo offers a nice widget to add to your website or blog that shows your online status.

Here is a shortlist of the other notable web-based universal instant messengers
Microsoft Live Messenger
I Love IM